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Counselling & Support for Adults, Children & Families
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Illness, Bereavement, Trauma, Relationship Issues & Parenting

Lisa is a BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor and has 30 years’ experience of counselling adults, families, young people & children, in a variety of settings.

Lisa specialises in working with illness and bereavement. She left her post as Head of Counselling & Family Support at a local hospice, to return to private practice and also to focus on her training programmes for counsellors, and health & education professionals.

She previously worked as a Macmillan professional and has supported hundreds of individuals and families affected by life-threatening illness and bereavement.

Lisa spent many years working in schools and has extensive experience of supporting children, young people and families with a range of issues and difficulties.

She offers online appointments.

Are you struggling with the impact of Coronavirus?

The last year has been challenging in variety of ways. Many people have described feeling anxious, tearful and depressed. Living in lockdown has presented a number of challenges to relationships and in some cases made problems that existed beforehand, even more apparent. Sadly, many people have lost loved ones, whether through coronavirus or other causes. It may not have been possible to be with loved ones whilst they were ill, or to say goodbye. People with pre-existing conditions have had the worry of their treatment being delayed.

Serious Illness:

Are you or anyone close to you...

  • Shocked by a diagnosis?
  • Undergoing difficult treatment?
  • Living with uncertainty?
  • Unsure how to explain things to your children?
  • Fearful the illness will get worse or come back?
  • Struggling to find a 'new normal' when treatment has ended?
  • Facing end of life?
  • Lisa has extensive experience of supporting individuals, families & carers, who are affected by cancer and other life-threatening & life-limiting conditions.

    She has an understanding of the ‘roller-coaster’ ride people find themselves on, and of the emotional, physical and practical adjustments that often need to be made.

    Lisa’s aim is to create a safe environment, where you don’t feel judged or the need to protect her from what you are going through.

    Her training and expertise, allow her to hear whatever you need to talk about, and to contain the pain and distress you might express. This may be hard for those closer to you to do, because of their own emotions and fears.

    Comments from clients:

    “At such a difficult time, I felt that you were there with me and I was no longer facing it on my own. I felt more able to cope after talking with you” PK

    "It was such a relief to be able to tell it like it is, without worrying that you would get upset. I knew you cared but it was different talking to you.” SW

    “You helped me find the right words to tell my children. The strategies you offered for their anger were useful for me too!!!” NM

    “Everyone else expected me to be jubilant that my treatment was over. You understood my sense of loss and helped me re-find my identity.” LP

    “My daughter loved talking to you and it made such a difference to our relationship once I understood how she was feeling.” TA


    Are you...

  • Finding it difficult to cope?
  • Feeling overwhelmed?
  • Feeling disbelief, lonely, shocked, tearful, angry, regretful, guilty, fearful or anxious?
  • Struggling to sleep or function day to day?
  • Worried about your future?
  • Worried that your friends and family will get fed up of listening to you?
  • Unsure how best to support your children?
  • When someone close to us dies, we can be affected in different ways and each of us will grieve at our own pace and in our own way.

    Various things will influence our grieving process. For instance, the age of the person and their relationship to us, the way in which they died, whether they were part of our daily lives, whether we had a good or difficult relationship with them, how those around us are dealing with their grief, how we have coped with previous losses and what other current difficulties we may be experiencing.

    Perhaps we have ill-health ourselves, dependent relatives, relationship difficulties, work pressures, financial worries etc.

    The loss of someone important to us may mean we have to take on additional responsibilities, learn to do things we have not had to do before, and find new meaning and purpose in our lives.

    People we know may start to avoid us because they don’t know what to say, or because they think we no longer fit in their social circle.

    Lisa has extensive experience of supporting children, adults and families who have been bereaved through sudden or anticipated illness, old-age, accidents, suicide and murder.

    Sometimes people ask ‘What is the point of counselling? It can’t fix things! It can’t bring the person back!’

    Sadly, this is true. However, counselling can support you while you navigate your grief and support you to find a way to live with your loss.

    Here are some comments from those who have seen Lisa:

    “I kept replaying the awful memories from before she died, over and over in my head. With your help, these have now stopped and I can think about the good times we had together.” RC

    “I felt like everyone was fed up with me talking about John and I started to bottle everything up and just shut down. Being able to talk to you was my release. I started to eat again, and sleep better at night. Once I wasn’t so tired, I felt more able to tackle the things I’d been neglecting.” NH

    “You helped me to understand that it was okay to feel the things I felt and that I wasn’t going mad!” SL

    “If I said anything to my Dad he just started welling up. I could tell you how I felt and I liked it when we spoke to dad and my sister together and showed them my drawings of Mum.” RR

    “I couldn’t tell anyone how angry I felt that he’d died and left me in such a mess! Everyone was saying how brilliant he was, and I just wanted to scream NO HE WASN’T. Thank you for allowing me to say my true feelings. I can’t tell you how much it helped.” JG

    “I couldn’t imagine ever feeling alright again. With your patience and understanding, I gradually found my way through the ‘cobweb’ of my grief. I can now remember her with a smile in my heart” OL

    Other areas that Lisa is able to support you with are:

    • Traumatic Life-events

      Sometimes a traumatic event overwhelms us and can prevent us from carrying on with our daily lives. At other times we are able to suppress our reactions until something else happens at a later date which brings the previous trauma to the surface. In either circumstance, counselling can help you to process the trauma, eliminate flashbacks, intrusive thoughts and other symptoms, and find a way to feel safe and function well in the world again.

    • Relationship issues

      You may have a history of bad relationships and want to address this, or you may be unhappy in your current relationship. You or your partner may be having/have had an affair. You may want to end the relationship or are struggling with a separation or divorce. Counselling can provide you with emotional support, and a neutral ear. It can help you explore and make sense of your situation, reach decisions, identify strategies for resolving issues and managing conflict. Lisa is also able to help you support your children through a relationship break-up.

    Please note, Lisa is currently seeing individuals who would like to discuss their relationship difficulties, and couples affected by illness, bereavement & parenting issues. She is not currently seeing couples together for relationship work.

    • Parenting issues

      Parenting can be very rewarding but also extremely challenging. You may for instance have concerns about your children, the relationship you have with them, or how to set & maintain boundaries. Lisa can help you explore these difficulties and consider strategies for resolving conflict & enhancing family relationships.

    Please get in touch for an initial conversation to discuss how counselling can help you or your family with your difficulties.


    To contact Lisa:

    Phone: 0777 300 78 94