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Training & Presentations
People standing on eachother's shoulders

Lisa has over twenty years' experience of providing training and consultancy for a range of professionals and organisations in the fields of education, health, social care and counselling. She also speaks at conferences and events.

“When Lisa Mass speaks you have little choice but to follow her. Lisa takes you on a journey from the very basic position of why she does what she does through to the often, harrowing experiences that young people have to deal with. Quite brilliantly, she allows you to enter their world, feel the very real issues, leaves you there for a while and only when you do truly begin to understand does she suggest a way forward. Lisa Mass has something to say - I would thoroughly recommend you take the time to listen" Tracey Bush CEO OCN Credit4Learning
Grief, Loss & Coronavirus
Feedback from Treetops Hospice May 2020

“Interesting, realistic, enjoyable & thought provoking. The day was really useful to me in thinking about the specific challenges ahead for Covid-related grief. Moreover, it has given me a greater confidence in myself as a grief counsellor.”

“Interesting, enjoyable, valuable & thought provoking. I particularly liked your efficient, calm group management skills and training methodology”

“Interesting, challenging, realistic & thought provoking. Really helpful and well facilitated. Thank you.”

“Comprehensive, enjoyable, realistic, valuable & stimulating. The training was what I needed for reassuring me I can ‘get back on the horse’. It grounded me to focus on the service and what we need to offer.”

“Interesting, practical, valuable, stimulating & emotional. Trainer very responsive to the needs of the group as the session progressed.”

“Useful, comprehensive, valuable & thought-provoking. I gained a lot from the training. Thank you. It brought the team together and helped reinforce our qualities and abilities, giving us confidence to do the much needed and important work to come”.

“Interesting, useful, enjoyable & thought-provoking. I thought it was well organised during and beforehand. I was impressed with the use of Zoom and thought it was actually much more user friendly for training than I had anticipated it would be.”.

“Enjoyable, valuable, stimulating & thought provoking. I enjoyed the mix of discussion in various sized groups and the taught content. The day led to me feeling more confident in my abilities and I feel more up to the challenge of what lies ahead.”


Please contact Lisa to discuss your organisation’s needs.